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Steel Strand for Prestressed Concrete Testing Machines

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→Used in tensile test at room temperature for Ф8.00~Ф21.80mm prestress steel strand, aluminum strand, steel wire, inhaul cable, cable and cords, (max. load: 600kN/1000kN)
→Used in mechanical property test of tensile stress relaxation at ambient temperature for metallic materials, such as strand, PC steel rod and steel wire (max. Load: 300kN/500kN/600kN/1000kN)
→Used in 20 degree skew axial tensile testing for prestressed steel strand (diameter of steel strand more than 12.5mm but less than 18mm) and determine the reduction coefficient of max. Load and skew tensile coefficient D (500kN/600kN/1000kN).
→Steel strand size: Φ8mm, Φ9.53mm, Φ11.10mm, Φ12.70mm, Φ15.24mm, Φ18.00mm, Φ19.30mm, Φ21.80mm.
→Tests for steel strand: tensile test, stress relaxation test at 1000 hours at an initial force of 70%, skew tensile test, fatigue test.
→ISO6934-4, ISO15630-3, ISO6892-1, ASTM E8-08, ISO6935-2, GB/T5224, GB/T5223, GB/T28900, GB/T21839, etc.

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