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PC Steel Bar Relaxation/Creep Testing Machine ”¤ product category

product name £ŗStrand Relaxation Testing Machine
product specifications £ŗWDSC-300/500/600


  •  Used in mechanical property test of tensile stress relaxation at ambient temperature for metallic materials, such as strand, PC steel rod and steel wire;
  • Satisfy with relative requirements of GB/T10120-1996 Metal Stress Relaxation Test Method and ASTM E328-2008 Test Method of Stress Relaxation for Material and Structure;
  • standard strand£¬indented strand£¬compact strand£¬Epoxy resin steel strand£¬PC Strand£¬unbonded steel strand or monostrand£¬galvanized£¬£¬messenger wire)”¢Ą­Ļß(guy wire£¬core wire or strength member£¬earth wire/ground wire£¬barrier cable£¬structure cable.
    Steel Bars for Prestressed Concrete,plain bar,helical grooved bar,helical ribbed bar,ribbed bar.
  • ISO 6934-3:1991 Steel for prestressing of concrete-Part 3:Quenched and tempered wire

   2.Technical Specifications

  • Rated load: 300/500/600kN;
  • Measuring range of load: 1%-100% of full range;
  • Load accuracy: ”Ü”Ą1%;
  • moving speed: 0.001-50mm/min; 
  • loading rate: 100-5000N/S;
  • deformation resolution: 0.001mm;
  • tensile stroke: 0-200mm;
  • specimen size: ¦µ9.50, ¦µ11.10, ¦µ12.70, ¦µ15.24, ¦µ18.00, ¦µ22.00
  • Nominal tensile length: 800-1000mm;
  • Power: 220VAC, 50Hz/2.0kW/4.5kW;
  • Dimension (L*W*H): 2840*700*990mm/3600x760x1080mm


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