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Jinan Heng Rui Jin Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

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Jinan HengRuiJinTesting Machine Co.Ltd. in China

Jinan HenRuiJin, a Mechanical Testing Machines Service Center and Mechanical Testing Machine Accessories Center, supply center of specially-designed accessories is located in Jinan, China.

The company specializes in the production of mechanical materials testing machines for research and manufacture usage. The company is located in Jinan, China. 

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Jinan HengRuiJin Mechanical Testing Machine Co., is dedicated topromoting science and technology, reaching the pinnacle of our field, providing perfect service, creating high-quality brands, combining scientific research and market demand, and maintaining our premier quality. These goals, coupled with innovation and an excellent team foundation, have allowed the Jinan HengRuiJin Mechanical Testing Machine Co. to become a famous manufacturer throughout all of China.
  Our measurement and control system have been evaluated by China National Testing Center of Iron and Steel Material. 
jack testing equipment is protected by China national patent.  The trademark of our company, the HengRuiJin Mechanical Testing Machine, was issued by the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office. 

  In Dec. 2012, the company Jinan Testing Equipment Factory ( was incorporated into our company for further strategic reorganization. 

Main Products:

electronic universal testing machine, tensile testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, compressing testing machine, torsion testing machine, impact testing machine and other special testing machines, with more than 10 series over 100 kinds of products. In order to better serve our customers, our marketing department has developed services, such as the provision of laboratory instruments, technical consultation, product installation and commission, and product maintenance amongst others. We mainly manage the following products: hardness testers, metallographic analysis, physical and chemical analyzing equipment; various measuring tools and instruments; all sorts of test chambers; and testing equipment for rubber, plastics, ceramics, coatings, construction, roads, cement etc. 
uncompromising goals  to improve with persistence and to be prosperous with credit works in tandem with our management theory of professional focus and sincere service in order to provide advanced and perfect testing equipment and services for all customers. 
   Jinan Testing Equipment Factory (, founded in the 1970s, specializes in the manufacturing of various testing equipment, including tensile testing machines, spring testing machines, torsion testing machines, bolts and nuts testing machines and specially-designed large-scale testing machines. 
   The company places emphasison technological progress and scientific management andis built uponrich professional skills and new technologies. This foundation allows the Jinan Testing Equipment Factory to continuously improve product quality
while developing new products for the future. The QWN-25kN.m drive axle and half axle dynamic and static torsion testing machine was designed to combine both static testing and dynamic testing of car semi axles on one testing machine, in addition to a cyclic loading fatigue test in the form of sine waves, square waves and triangular waves.  The ZWC-300 Loader Comprehensive Property Testing Machine had filled the domestic gap in this field. Also, it has supplied perfect quality products for the China Institute of Metrology, Shandong Metrological, scientific and research Institute, National Test Center of Building Decoration Materials, Sinotruck Group, Jiangnan Shipyard and other large units and scientific research institutes. 

 Contact Information:

Jinan HengRuiJin Testing Machine Co., Ltd  

  Factory Address:

No.779, Songzhuang Industrial Zone, Jingshi West Road, Huaiyin                        District, Jinan, China  

   Tel: 86-531-87103533 
   Fax: 86-531-87958608 

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