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Spring Testing Machine product category

product name Two-station gas springs fatigue testing machine
product specifications Two-station


Two-station gas springs fatigue testing machine is used for dynamic test of pneumatic bar and cycle life test of gas springs.
It can be used to measures the opening force and starting force of the gas spring, the extension force and compression force F1F2F3F4 at point C, and calculates the nominal force, dynamic friction force and elastic force ratio of the gas springs, and plot Load-Displacement curve.
It is used for static test and locking force test of gas springs and it can get the nominal force, maximum extension force, minimum extension force, maximum compression force, minimum compression force and other characteristics of the gas springs, etc.
It can realize extension speed test of gas springs and determine the extension time and extension stroke, and calculate the extension speed (average speed).
Technical Specifications
max, fatigue load: 1kN/2kN/3kN/5kN
fatigue load resolution: 1/300000
dynamic test frequency: 8 times/min-12 times/min
cyclic life test: 6104
fatigue test amplitude: 0-100mm
test stroke: 0-750mm
temperature monitoring of outer cylinder wall: automatic cooling if temperature exceed 50 , precision : 0.1
special fatigue test accessoy
high stiffness, high stability, no vibration impact streamlined loading frame, 1.2 times-1.5 times the fatigue load stiffness
Built - in digital closed loop, multi-channel, multi-function, easy to control HRJ-Test fatigue Test software/customizable English version;Various standard methods (GB, GB, GB, us, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian, French, Australian, European, etc. /GB, GJB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, NF, EN, AS, NBR, IEC, GOST, CNS, APA)
GB/T29525-2013 seat lifting air spring technical conditions
GB/T25750-2010 lockable air spring technical conditions
GB/T25751-2010 compressed air spring technical conditions
JB/T7796-2017 spring tensile and compression testing machine
DIN ISO11901-1, BS ISO11901-2, ISO11901-3-2014, DIS ISO11901-4, ISO10069-1, ISO10069-2,
ANSI/BIFMA X5.1, ANSI/BIFMA X5.4, ANSI/BIFMA X5.6ANSI/BIFMA/SOHO S6.5ASTM D 7023BS EN 1729-2, DIN 4550, NF D61-001, NF D62-003, UL 1286, UL 962, BS EN 1728, BS EN 1730

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