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Torsion Testing Machine product category

product name Anchor Bolt Testing Machine for Torque of Axial Force and Anchorage Force
product specifications MGNZ-500/200

MGNZ-500/200 Anchor Bolt Torque of Anchorage Force Testing Machine

1 Function
1) test force for torque: 500N.m, axial test force: 200kN
2) Pre-stressed anchor bolt, hollow anchor bolt, cover expanding type of pre-stressed anchor bolt, self entering type of anchor bolt, infusing type of anchor bolt, glass fiber anchor bolt, solid anchor bolt, squeezing and rotating enter anchor bolt, self rotating anchor bolt, common anchor bolt, self drilling anchor bolt, special anchor bolt, right rotating anchor bolt, anchor bolt for protective wall of mineral road, equal strength anchor bolt, resin anchor bolt, fully thread anchor bolt, left rotating anchor bolt, right rotating anchor bolt, braid type anchor bolt, fully thread type bolt, rough surface bolt, metal tail of anchor bolt, non-metallic anchor bolt.
3) Building of tunnel, exploiting of mineral mountain, side slope, protective for palisades, protective wall for pit, protective and support for tunnel,

2 Important test item:
1) Test and research for torque, angle of torsion, rigidity of angle, bearing force for connecting part of tail of anchor bolt, bearing force for tail of threat and nut, mixing material of anchor bolt, high speed mixing, adhesive force, fatigue of torsion, repeat cycle, anchor force of anchor bolt.
2) Torsion test with anchor bolt:
clamping anchor bolt on test machine at speed of 200 - 300r/min, adjusting load device, loading up to specific torque in 8s, cycling operating for 40s.
3) Test with accessory of anchor bolt
١Axial force, torque of accessory for anchor bolt: deformed steel bolt and round steel bolt, dough twist bolt rod, glass fiber reinforced plastic bolt rod.
ڡDiameter of anchor bolt: D16mm, D18mm, D20mm, D22mm, D24mm.
ۡLength of anchor bolt: L=1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2600mm.
ܡTest with anchor bolt: resin anchor agentia, resin plaster, curing agent, coagulation time, hold time, consistence, anchor force, anchor agentia, diameter of anchor hole: 35/42mm, 28/32mm, 23/28mm, super high speed: (CKa, CK), high speed(k), middle speed(z), low speed(M).
4) stir test with anchor agentia mixture:
Hydraulic servo control, simulate environment(transporting gas, well drilling, well measuring, well repairing, compression of layer, ocean, outer space, underground, mine), high speed rotating to mixed.

3 important characteristic: electrical control, hydraulic servo control, dynamic control, multiple function in one unit.
1) Horizontal extended edition loading frame with high rigidity and stability.
2) Variety of control mode: such as auto keep of stress, strain control, repeated cycling control, self editing precedure and so on.
3) High precision static transducer with wide linerity and well stability, ensuring precision of measurement.
4) Mute alternating current servo motor driving system with high efficient, low vibration, free maintaning, it is high speed ratate and mixing system.
5) Inner placed ethernet joint.
6) Electricity boardd adopts optoelectrical isolation designing, with strong resistance to interference.
7) variety of perfect gripper changed rapidly, with optional environmental system.
8) Wide measuring speed set freely between 0.05 - 500r/min, 0 - 720.
9) Fully digital close loop HRJ - test software with multiple channel and function, there are variety of test method and standard in data base, test data is stroed, inquired and recalled at any time.
9.1 test process is auto control, torque, stress, deformation and angle of torsion is fully close loop controled and displayed, full keyboard inputing operation and control mode set intellgently, control mode is set freely without impact and changed smoothly, loading and unloading steadily.
9.2 flexible Excel and Word reporting format with default and self editing format, variety of sorting and outputing.
9.3 reread and simulate completed test, reanalyzing data, several curve is overlaid, compared and tranversed.
9.4 test curve choosing ordinate axis freely, and magnified and shrinked freely, curves are displayed at same time, such as torque - time curve, torque - angle curve, angle - time curve, seting required ordinating axis, self adjusted full scale.
9.5 modulization and opening type of editing procedure meet requirement of individual with hinting and guiding function.
9.6 returning after test is completed intellgent, high efficient and rapidly.
9.7 atuo retail measurement of torque and angle of torsion, displaying torque, angle of torque, speed of torsion.
9.8 multiple protective function: test over loading protection, hydraulic system over flow protection, over current and voltage protection, test sample breaking protection, hinting and guiding protection, auto protection when test completed.
10) computer and measuring system is placed in one cabinet.

4 important specification
1) Max. Torque: 500N.m
2) Measuring range of force for torsion: 2% - 100%F.S
3) Resolution of force for torque: 1/200000
4) Relative error of indicated force for torque: ܡ1%
5) Measuring range of angle of torsion: 0 -
6) Resolution of angle of trosion: 0.1, 0.01
7) Relative error of indicated value of angle for torsion: ܡ1%
8) Speed of torsion: 0.05 - 500r/min
9) Relative error of speed of torsion: between 1% of set value.
10) Rotating speed for mixing: 0.5 - 500r/min
11) Relative error of rotating speed: ܡ1%.
12) Max. Axial force: 200kN
13) Measuring range of axial force: 2% - 100%F.S
14) Resolution of axial force: 1/300000
15) Relative error of indicated value of axial force: ܡ0.5%
16) Moving distance between gripper: 100 - 2000mm
17) Center height of main axial of machine: 295mm
18) Error of coaxility of center line: ¢0.5mm less than 1000mm
19) Length range of clamped: 150 - 2000mm
20) Power of equipment: 24kW
21) Voltage: 380V10%, 50Hz
22) Size of machine: 3400*900*1100
23) Weight of machine: 2000kg
24) Accessory: M16 - M24mm

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