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Torsion Testing Machine · product category

product name :Anti-sliding Coefficient Testing Device for Friction Surface of High Strength Bolt Connection
product specifications :HY-24

HY - 24 Connecting Surface of High Strength Bolt resistance to slippage coefficient tester


1 Function

1) Test and research with connection coupler of High strength bolt of grade 10.9 and 8.8 for resistance to slippage coefficient of connecting surface of large hexagon head of high strength, coefficient of resistance to slippage connecting surface of shearing type high strength bolt(shearing wrech is customized).

2) High strength connecting coupler is generic terms of high strength and joint ring.

3) Coefficient of resistance to slippage: the ratio of outter force when connecting joint surface is sliding to sum of tensile force perpendicular to friction surface.

4) HRJ - Test mini computer digital display tester, 24 channels.

5) Data feeding back, recovering, peak kept, self certification.

6) Specification of high strength large hexagon head bolt: M16, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30.

7) Specification of shearing type high strength bolt: M16, M20, M22, M24, M27.


2 Specification

1) Measuring range of transducer: 30 -- 40kN

2) Resolution of transducer: 0.1kN

3) Relative error of resolution: ≤±1.0%

4) Load cell: HRJ - test mini computer

5) 120kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M16

6) 180kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M20

7) 220kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M22

8) 260kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M24

9) 330kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M27

10) 400kN cross core transducer: 4 piece /M30


3 Test Method

3.1 bolt connecting coupler sample: fix sample on steel board by punching nail, changed to tranducer, and screw tightly.

1) Screw steel structure sample for standard force: including firstly and ending screw, firstly screw to 0.5p of tensile force, ending screw between 0.95p and 1.05p, p is designing pre-tensile force of high strength.

2) Drawing straight line for checking at side of sample.

3) Put assmebled sample on tensile machine, centering the center of gripper with axial line of sample.

4) Loading 10% of designing resistance to slippage value, stopping for 1min, then loading steadily, loading speed is 35kN/S -- 5kN/S, tensile until breaking, we get sliding load.

3.2 sliding load judging:any of the following conditon is considered as sliding load of relative load.

1) There returning pin and shaking of testing machine

2) There is moving of checking line.

3) There is wave change of deformation curve.

4) There is great sound of sample.



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