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Torsion Testing Machine · product category

product name :Rotary Knob Type of Switch Torsion Testing Machine
product specifications :KDW-500/1000/2000/5000

Knob Switch Torsion Testing Machine


1) Test and research for knob of meter of automobile: knob of air conditioner, knob for adjusting speed of wind, for temperature, driving lever for air conditioner, choke valve, knob of light, driving lever and knob of light, knob of radio, knob of CD, adjusting knob of seat, driving lever for adjusting of seat, knob of car door, knob of car window, switch knob of gears, switching for 4 wheel drive, knob for flame lighter.


2 important characteristics:

1) Standing type loading frame with high rigidity and stability.

2) Loading auto kept, stress and strain controlling, cycling control and self editing control and other control mode.

3) High precision dynamic torque transducer with wide linerity and stability.

4) Mute type alternating current servo driving system with high speed, low vibration, free maintenance.

5) Inner placed ethernet joint.

6) Circuit board adopts optoelectronic insolation and high resistance to interference.

7) With multiple test gripper and changed rapidly, such as environmental system and angle meter of torsion.

8) Wide test speed: 0° -- 720°/min(setting freely)

9) Fully digital close loop, multiple channel and function, easily operated HRJ -- TEST test and measurement software, multiple test method and standard, test data is stored and inquired.

9.1 tests procedure is auto controlled, torque, deformation, angle of trosion is fully closed loop and displayed, fully keyboard inputting and control system, control mode is set freely.

9.2 flexible Excel and Word reporting format, including basic and self editing format, arrangement and outputting for variety of type.

9.3 reread completed test reporting, simulating reappear and reanalyze, several curves overlaid, compared with ergodicity.

9.4 test curve choose coordinate axis freely, test curve magnified and shrinked freely, displaying multiple curve of torque -- time, torque -- angle, angle -- time and so on, full scale of curve is self adjusted.

9.5 modularization, openning type of edition, satisfying individual demand with hint and guiding.

9.6 test result auto return intellegently, high efficient and conveniently.

9.7 real time test of torque of every gears, real time drawing curve of torque and angle of x-y, compare curves with different colour, real time display curve of troque and time, torque and angle, angle and time.

9.8 auto tail after measuring torque and angle, auto torque T, angle θ, speed of shear modular G, specified non-proportional G, specified non-proportional torsion stressτp, upper yielding strength τeH, lower yielding strength τeL, torsion strength τm and so on.

10 multiple protective function: over loading, current and voltage protective, safety protective of breaking, stoping protective.


3 Important specification

1) Max. Torque , ±500N.m, ±1000N.m, ±2000N.m, ±5000N.m

2) Measuring range: 2% -- 100%F.S

3) Resolution of torque: ±1/200000

4) Relative error of indicating value of torque: ≤±1%

5) Angle of torsion: 0° --

6) Resolution of angle: 0.01°

7) Speed of torsion: 0.05 -- 2r/min

8) Relative error of speed: ±1% of setting value.

9) Distance of test space: 0 -- 260mm

10) Coaxility error of center line: ≤¢0.2mm less than 1000mm

11) Power: 0.4kW

12) Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz(reliable landing)

13) Torsion gripper: special used.



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