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Special Testing Machine ¡¤ product category

product name £ºBow-spring Casing Centralizers Testing Machine
product specifications £ºETM50

Main Function
It can be used in starting force test, running force test and restoring test for bow-spring casing centralizer and also for centralizer placement and stop-collar testing.
Spring casing centralizer includes: high performance spring centralizer, solid centralizer, rigid centralizer for well cementing, whole stamping rigid centralizer, welded rigid centralizer, resin rigid centralizer, cast aluminium rigid centralizer, downhole well oil pipe centralizer, stop collar, roller centralizer, vertical well, highly-deviated well, single segmental spring leaf, double segmental spring leaf, three segmental leaf.

Relative standards

¡úISO10427-1:2001 Petroleum and natural gas industries-Casing centralizers-Part1£ºBow-spring casing centralizers£»
¡úISO10427-2:2004Petroleum and natural gas industries-Equipment for well cementing-Part2£ºCentralizer placement and stop-collar testing£»
¡úISO11960:2001 Petroleum and natural gas industries-Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells£»

Technical Specification

1) max. load: 50kN

2) accuracy of load: Class 0.5

3) measuring range of load: 0.4%-100%

4) relative error of indicating value: ¡Ü¡À0.5%

5) compression test space: 0-2000mm

6) test span: 800mm

7) size of pressure platen: 200*200mm

8) working power: 220V/50Hz

9) power: 750w

10) overall dimension of loading frame: 1300*1600*3050mm



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