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Compression and Flexure Testing Machine · product category

product name :Computer Control Rocks Hardness Testing Machine
product specifications :RHT-10/20/50/100

RHT Series 10kN/20kN/50kN/100kN Computer Control Rock Hardness Testing Machine


1 important function

1) Rock single axle compression strength test and deformation test.

2) Rock ruggedness test (hardness index, Protodikonovs hardness coefficient f)

3) Compression strength test of rock

4) Soften coefficient of rock test

5) Test elasticity modulus test

6) Possions ratio rock test.

7) Stressed and lengthway strain and horizontal strain curve: stress--lengthway strain curve, stress--horizontal strain curve, force -- deformation curve, force--displacement curve, force--time curve, deformation--time curve, displacement--time curve, force--strain curve, part magnified curve, multiple curves superposition and comparision.

8) Rock transversal elastic modulus and relative possions ratio.

9) Test according standard GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS.


2 relative standard and terminology

1) coal and rock single direction tensile strength test method.

2) coal and rock single direction compression strength and soften coefficient test method.

3) test method of rock for highway engineering

4) Rock hardness, indicating rock broken hard and easy degree by firmness coefficient, it is also called hardnes coefficient, protodikonovs hardness coefficient of rock.

5) Protodikonovs hardness coefficient of rock f=R/100( unit of R kg/cm2) R is single direction limited compression strength value of rock standard sample.

6) Strength of rock: compression, tensile, bending, shearing and other single direction property, Max single direction compression of rock is compression strength.

7) Rock soften coefficient: ratio of compression strength of rock saturated with water to compression strength of dry rock(after rock saturated with water, its strength is reduced, that is soften, indicated by soften coefficient)

8) Elastic modulus of rock: rock bearing sigle axle force in elastic limitation, ratio of stress to strain.

9) Possions ratio of rock: ratio of horizontal strain to longitudinal strain of rock.

10) Cylinder sampel of rock: ¢=48mm--54mm, ratio of height to diameter:2.0 --2.5.

11) Square sample of rock: 50*50*25mm(tolerance: ±2mm)

12) Cylinder sample of rock(hydraulic engineering): ¢48mm--54mm, ratio of height to diameter:2.0--2.5

13) Cylinder sample of rock(fundation of building): ¢=50mm, raito of height to diameter is 2 to 1

14)  Square sample of rock(bridge construction): cube 70*70*70mm, ratio of height to diameter:

15) Cylinder sample of rock(road engineer): cylinder or cube, diameter or length of side: 50mm

16) Condition of rock sample: natural watery condition, kiln dried conditon, saturated condition(freely saturated sample with water, vacuum exhausting saturated sample)

17) International rock mechanical association recommended loading speed: axial direction control of displacement: 0.1mm/min, axial direction control laoding: 0.5 -- 1.0MPa/s.



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