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Wood-based Panels/Fireproof Door Testing Machine product category

product name Computer Control Wood-based Panel Testing Machine (Large flexural span)
product specifications MWW-10D/20D/50/100D


  • Used in mechanical properties test for various wood-based panels, including: plywood,particle board,fibreboard, OSB (oriented structural board), cement-bonded particleboard,multi-ply parquets,bamboo flooring,MDF,decorative veneered wood-based panels,resin impregnated paper overlaid wood-based panels, laminated flooring.
  • used for surface gluing strength,surface bonding strength,internal bonding strength,nail withdrawal force,static bending strength, elastic modulus,glue-line shear strength tests.
  • it can be used in 3-point flexure test and 4-point flexure tests for super long specimen: 3000mm
  • comply with standards: EN310,EN319,EN320,ASTM D1037, DIN52366, JISA 5909, GB/T17657,etc.

Technical Specification

1 ) max.test forc:10kN/20kN/50kN/100kN

2) Load accuracy: class 0.5

3) measuring range of load: 0.4%-100%

4)load resolution: 1/300000F.S

5) adjusting range of load speed: 0.005%-5%FS/S

6accuracy of load speed: rate <0.05%FS,accuracy:within2%; rate0.05%FS,accuracy:within1%

7) adjusting range of deformation speed: 0.005%-5%FS/S 

8) accuracy of deformation speed: rate <0.05%FS/s,accuracy:within2%; rate0.05%FS/s,accuracy:within1%

9 ) speed range of displacement:0.001500mm/min

10)accuracy of displacement speed: rate
0.5mm/min, accuracy: 1%; rate0.5mm/min, accuracy:within0.5%

11) span:400mm/500mm

12)tensile space:800mm

13) compression space: 700mm 
14)working voltage: 220VAC/50Hz

15) motor power:400w/750w/1500w

16)overall dimension (excluding flexural accessory)(L*W*H):660*415*1500mm/740*450*1600mm/755*520*1780mm/850*555*1900mm


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