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Pipes Ring Stiffness/Flexibility Testing Machine · product category

product name :2.5m Ring Stiffness Testing Machine
product specifications :WDW-200R/50R/20R

WDW – R Series 200kN/300kN Computer Control Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Macine (test space: 2500mm)

1 Important function

1) Test and research for pipes ring stiffness, ring flexibility, compressing flat test, part of pipe horizontal loading test, stiffness test of uniform distributing load, deformation of diameter direction stiffness test, deflection.

2) Test and research with pipes of diameter of DN≤3000mm, variety of metallic, nonmetallic, compounding material, and special shape of pipe for ring flexibility, compressed to flat, deflection and other mechanical property.

3) Initial ring direction tensile test with glass fiber inforced plastic motar pipe.

4) Welding gap tensile strength test, tensile strength test with electronic hot melting belt.

5) PE pipe, UPVC pipe, CPVC pipe, PE-X pipe, PP-R pipe, PB pipe, PS pipe.

6) UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminium alloy and plastic compounding material pipe, steel and plastic compounding material pipe, polypropylene pipe, polypropylene hot water pipe, engineering plastic pipe.

7) Glass steel motar pipe, glass fiber inforced plastic motar pipe, PVC core foaming pipe, crosslinking PE pipe, polyethylene silicon core of pipe, PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe.

8) Petrol transporting pipe, fluid transporting pipe, chemical engineering pipe, building pipe, agricultural irrigating pipe, base facility pipe, communicating protective pipe.


2 standard:

1) BS EN 13476-1 Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage. Structured--wall piping systems of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-U), polypropylene(PP) and polyethylene(PE). General requirements and performance charchteristics.

2) ISO 9969: Thermoplastics pipes -- Determination of ring stiffness



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