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Manhole Cover Compression Testing Machine product category

product name Inspection Chamber Load Testing Machine
product specifications JYS-20


Used in compression test for manhole (OD of wellhole ܦ630mm),concrete member,pipe piles,building materials, etc.
Also can be used for compression test of metals,nonmetals and composites.
It can be used for compression test of residential kitchen and toilet vents.


dual column loading frame,upper oil cylinder, with high rigidity,good stability.
with reserved interface for internet and upgrading.

Technical Specification

1)max. test force:20kN

2)measuring range of test forc:1%-100%

3)load accuracy: ܡ1%

4)test space: 0-1000mm

5)size of upper platen:640mm/640*640mm

6)size of lower platen:800x800mm

7)span: 800mm

8)max.stroke of piston:500mm

9)overall dimension(L*W*H): 1550*1400*2250mm

10)dimension of console (L*W*H): 570*480*1230mm

11)working voltage: 380VAC/50Hz/1.5kW

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