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Reaction Frame, Jack Certificaton Device product category

product name Aircraft jacks calibration device compression-testing machine
product specifications AJ-CT300/500/1000

Product Introduction

1) Used in test of aerospace jacks,steamboat jacks,airplane wheel and axle jacks,airplane tripod jacks,airplane wings jacks,hydraulic tail stanchions, etc.

2) applicable to usage and maintenance of navy,air force,army aviation,areospace,civil aviation,aircraft, etc.

3) Electro-hydraulic jacks,center hole jacks,special large stroke jacks.


large span,large test space,high stiffness, high stability loading frame.
high precision load sensor, wide linearity,good stability to ensure high load accuracy.
with HRJ-Test measurement and control system, digital display load, peak, test speed.
movable and remote control operation console.
multi-protection function: overload,overcurrent,overvoltage,emergency stop protection.

ISO1464:1985 Aerospace -- Tripod jacks -- Clearance dimensions
EN 12312-19-2009 Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Specific requirements. Aircraft jacks, axle jacks and hydraulic tail stanchions

Technical Specification

1)max.load capacity:300kN(67500lbf)/500kN(112000lbf) /1000kN(250000lbf)

2)measuring range of load: 1%-100% FS

3)relative error of indicating value: ܡ1% of indicating value

4)test space: 300-2100mm

5)test space:1550mm

6)moving speed of crosshead 110mm/min

7)dimension(L*W): 900x900mm

8)dimensin of lower platen(L*W): 1500x1500mm

9)overall dimension (L*W*H):1900x1500x3000mm

10)power supply: 3-phase 4-wire380VAC

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