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Wood-based Panels/Fireproof Door Testing Machine product category

product name Fireproof Panel Flexure Testing Machine
product specifications HPL-5/10/20


1)Used in tensile strength,static bending strength, flexural strength and other mechanical properties for mineral wool panel,glass wool panel,cement board,perlite board,gypsum board,calcium silicate board,magnesium oxychloride fireproof panel,laminated board, etc.

2) Precise automatic control and data acquisition system is introduced for the realization of digital adjustment of data acquisition and control process.

Technical Specification

1) max.load: 5kN/10kN/20kN

2) load class: class 0.5

3) measuring range of load: 0.4%-100%

4) relative error of indicating value: 0.5%

5) load resolution: 0.01N

6) deformation resolution: 0.01mm

7) displacement speed: 0.2-500mm/min

8) span between columns: 400mm/500m

9) stroke of cross head: 1000mm/1200mm

10) power supply: 400w/750w/1500w

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