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Wood-based Panels/Fireproof Door Testing Machine product category

product name Digital Wall Thermal Insulation (Heating Insulating) Materials Testing Machine
product specifications WDS-B5/B10/B20/B30/B50/B100

1) Used in mechanical properties for wall thermal insulation materials, such as expanded polystyrene adhesive,alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh tension,rigid foamed plastics compression strength,anti-crack mortar tensile adhesive strength,adhesive strength after immersion in water, building mortars, etc.
2) Precise automatic control and data acquisition system is introduced for the realization of digital adjustment of data acquisition and control process.

Technical Specification
1) max.load: 5kN/10kN/20kN/30kN/50kN/100kN
2) load class: class 0.5
3) measuring range of load: 0.4%-100%
4) relative error of indicating value: 0.5%
5) load resolution: 0.01N
6) deformation resolution: 0.01mm
7) displacement speed: 0.2-500mm/min
8) span between columns: 400mm/500m
9) stroke of cross head: 1000mm/1200mm
10) power supply: 400w/750w/1500w

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