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Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine product category

product name Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
product specifications WAW-1000J


1) Using microcomputer controlled high precision electro-hydraulic servo valve to drive precise hydraulic cylinder and can realize constant speed control to test force, displacement, deformation, etc. and so that to make tensile, compression, bending tests.

2) Independent hydraulic servo loading system, using high precision broadband electro-hydraulic servo valve to ensure system high precision,

3) Limit position protection, over current protection, overload protection

Technical Specification

1)Max.test force capacity: 1000kN

2)accuracy class: class 1/class 0.5

3)relative error of indicating value of test force:1/0.5

4)measuring range of test force:1%-100%

5)moving speed of piston:0-100mm/min

6)loading rate of test force: 0.02%-2%F.S/s

7)distance between columns: 430mm

8)max.distance between tensile jaws: 760mm

9)max.compression space: 630mm

10)clamping range of round specimen:Ø15-30mm, Ø30-45mm, Ø45-55mm

11)clamping thickness of flat specimen: 0-20mm, 20-40mm

12)size of compression platen: 200*200mm

13)stroke of piston:250mm

14)dimension of main machine(L*W*H):1020*670*2600mm

15)dimension of controller (L*W*H):1150*600*900mm

16)working voltage: AC380V/50Hz,6kW


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