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Electro-hydralic Servo Compression Testing Machine product category

product name YA-600P/1000P Concrete Drainage Pipes/Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes Compression Testing Machine
product specifications YAW-600P/1000P

Used in compression test for concrete drainage pipes (ID 100-2000mm) (effective length not less than 1000mm), reinforced concrete drainage pipes (effective length not less than 2000mm), etc.
used for rainwater pipes, sewage pipes, farm irrigation pipes, gravity flow pipes, slotting and jacking construction pipes and other pipes for other application, and also for some pipes produced by adopting centrifuge, vertical extrusion and other technology.

Technical Specification 

1) Max. load 600kN 1000kN
2) relative error of indicating value ܡ1% of indicating value
3) measuring range of load 1%100% Full scale
4) load resolution 0.01kN
5) loading rate 600N/s60kN/s
6) pistion stroke 0-500mm 0-200mm
7) moving speed of piston 100mm/min
8) distance between upper and lower platens 1200mm 2450mm
9) size of upper bearing beam 1000x52mm 2000mm150mm
10) span between columns 1200mm 2200mm
11) size of lower bearing beam Length:1000mmwidth: 50mm thickness:25mm R=12.5mm
width50mm thickness25mm R=12.5mm 2pcs.
12) adjusting mode of test space adjusted by the movement of piston adjusted by the movement of crosshead driven by the motor speed 100mm/min
13) loading mode Manual control, hydraulic loading
14) working voltage 380V10% 50Hz
15) motor power 2.0 kW 3.0 kW
16) Dimension of loading frame(L*W*H) 1500x600x1800mm / 2500x600x2800mm
17) Dimension of control system (L*W*H) 660x580x1210mm

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