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Wood-based Panels/Fireproof Door Testing Machine product category

product name Computer Control Fireproof Door Shutter/Door Closer Testing Machine
product specifications BMQ-150


1) Comply with QB/T2698-2005 Door Closer, GA93-2004 Fire-proof Door Closer.

2) Open the door at angle 70 and then close automatically for 500 times and then test the door leaf,door closer,door hinger,sequencer and other hardware.

3)It can automatically control the opening and close,calculation of opening times. Opening and close once is a cycle.

4)Automatic test the opening and closing force of moment and efficiency of the door closer.

Technical Specification

1) max.torque: 150N.m

2) torque resolution: 1/200000

3) error of indicating value of torque: 1%

4) error of repeatibility of indicating value of torque:1%

5) loading speed: 0.05-5r/min

6) opening angle: 70

7) min. reading of opeing and closing angle: 0.5

8) opening and closing cycle: 8s-14s

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