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PC Steel Bar Relaxation/Creep Testing Machine product category

product name Computer Control Electronic Creep Stress Rupture Testing Machine
product specifications RDW-50/100

Function & Feature

Applicable to creep property and stress-rupture strength test for metals and alloys at room temperature and high temperature, is special testing equipment in ferrous metallurgy,aerospace aviation, scientific institute, colleges and quality supervision, etc.


ISO204 Metallic Materials-Uniaxial Creep Testing Method in Tension

HB5195 Metallic Materials-Creep Stress-Rupture Test Method

Technical Specification

1)load capacity: 50/100kN

2)measuring range of load: 1%-100%

3)load resolution: 1/300000

4) max. loading rate: 3000N/s

5) stroke of pull rod: 200mm

6) power supply: 220VAC

7) dimension (L*W*H): 810*760*2550mm

8) working temperature range: room temperature 1100C, room temperature -1000C

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