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Manhole Cover Compression Testing Machine product category

product name Computer Control Electro-hydraulic Servo Man-hole Cover Compression Testing Machine
product specifications JAW-600/1000/1500


1)used for static compression and dynamic fatigue tests for manhole covers/wellshutters,cover plates,well grates/shutter grates used in green belt, tree lawn,sidewalk,pavement,motor way,bicycle lane,parking lots,wharf,airfield runway,highway,biotope,etc.

2)used for metal wellshutter,steel fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover,recycled resin composite material manhole cover,organic composite manhole cover,inorganic composite manhole cover,heavy manhole cover, ordinary covers,light-weight cover, round manhole cover,square manhole cover,inorganic glass-fiber reinforced plastic manhole cover,BMC mold plastic cover,rain perforated strainer,drain cover,water grating covers, etc.

3)with many control modes including load,displacement,stress,cycle,self-programming,function calculation, etc.

4) with high resolution camera to monitor crack change, real-time monitoring and display,acquisition and processing crack status.

4)with low frequency cyclic loading test-dynamic fatigue test, frequency.

Technical Specification
1) max. static test force: 600kN/1000kN/1500kN
2) resolution of test force: 0.01kN
3) measuring range of test force: 1%-100%
4) measuring range of deformation: 0-350mm
5) deformatmion resolution: 0.01mm
6) compression space: 1000mm
7) test space (L*W): 1200*1400mm/1400*1500mm
8) spherical pressure platen: 250x40mm/356x40mm
9) piston stroke: 200mm

10) dimension of loading frame (L*W*H): 1500x1400x1980mm/1600x1500x2150mm

11) dimension of controller (L*W*H): 1160x800x940mm

12) working voltage: 380V/50Hz

13) power: 2.2kW/3.0kW


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