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Electronic Universal Testing Machine · product category

product name :WDW-G2/G5/G10/G20 Polymer Waterproof Rolls/Membrane Tensile Testing Machine
product specifications :WDW-G2/G5/G10/G20

WDW-G series 2kN/5kN/10kN/20kN computer control polymer material /asphalt/waterproof roll testing machine

1 important function:

1) test and research with building waterproof roll material, asphalt waterproof roll material, modification of high polymer asphalt waterproof roll material, modification of polymer waterproof roll material, modification of elastic asphalt waterproof roll material, pre-paving and wet-paving waterproof roll material, asphalt and polyester based waterproof roll material, single side pasted(s)/ double side pasted(D)/I type/II type waterproof roll material.

2) Test and research with petroleum and asphalt waterproof roll material, asphalt composite based flexible waterproof roll material, glass fiber based/cloth based/paper based roll material, self-pasted rubber, asphalt waterproof roll material, self-pasted polymer /asphalt waterproof roll material, elastomer asphalt waterproof roll material, EPDM waterproof roll material, polyethylene based roll material.

3) Tests and research with natural rubber, compound rubber, solid rubber, latex rubber, universal compound rubber, half-universal compound rubber, customized compound rubber, special compound rubber, medical biology rubber, foam rubber(frothing rubber/ microfoam rubber), butadiene styrene rubber, EPDM, chemigum, hydrogenated butyronitrile, butyl rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber, silicone rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, neoprene, ebonite, flexible glue, vulcanizate, rubber compound, 1 type, 1A type, 2 type, 3 type, 4 type, pant type, perpendicular type, cresent type of sample.

4) Test and research with plastic film, universal plastic, engineering plastic, special plastic, strengthen plastic, foam plastic, thermosetting plastic, thermoplast plastic, hydrocarbon plastic, moulded plastic, laminated plastic, newly medical plastic, bulletproof plastic, newly biological plastic, 1B, 2, 4, 5 type of sample.

5) Test and research with rigid and semi-rigid thermoplastic, rigid and semi-rigid thermoplastic board and laminated board, felt, textile, roving, chopped strand, hybird fiber, reinforced composite material, fiber inforced thermosetting ang thermoplastic compounding material.

6) Asphalt high macromolecule material test: tensile, tearing property(screw rod method), Max.tensile force, peeling strength, bonding strength, tensile stress, tensile yield stress, tensile break stress, tensile strain, tensile yield strain, second peak of elongation, joint peeling strength, joint tearing strength, tensile strength, breaking elongation, constant tensile stress, constant stress elongation, tensile stress of yield point, elongation at yeild point, breaking pemanent deformation.

7) Test with rubber plastic: tensile strength, tensile yield strength, breaking tensile strength, tearing strength, peeling strength, bonding strength, tensile stress, tensile yield stress, tensile breaking stress, tensile strain, tensile yield strain, tensile breaking modulus, poisson ratio, tensile stress at yield point, elongation of breaking, drawing stress - strain curve.

8) Test and research with thin plate, plate, strip, foil, flat material, wire, sectional material, thin plate, square, round, rectangle, ring shape of sample, tubulation, proportional sample, non-proportional sample, splitting sample, round and rectangle shape of cross section sample.

9) Test and research with textile, food, medicine, cosmetic, biology, flexible, elastic and foam material, electronic part, thin metal, wire, fine wire, fiber, bond.

2 Standard:

1)ISO 23529:2016 Rubber -- General procedures for preparing and conditioning test pieces for physical test methods.

2) BS ISO 37-2011, BS EN 13707:2013 Flexible sheets for waterproofing .Reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing. Definitions and characteristics

3) BS EN 13956:2012 Flexible sheets for waterproofing . Plastic and rubber sheets for roof waterproofing. Definitions and characteristics.

4) BS EN ISO 16012:2015 Plastics. Determination of linear dimensions of test specimens.

5) BS EN ISO 527-1:2012 Plastic. Determination of tensile properties. General principles.

6) DIN EN ISO 527-2:2012 Plastics -Determination of tensile properties -Part 2: Test conditions for moulding and extrusion plastics.

7) DIN EN ISO 527-3 Plastics - Determination of tensile properties - Part 3: Test conditions for films and sheets.

8) ISO 527-4 Plastics -- Determination of tensile properties -- Part 4 Test conditions for isotropic and orthotropic fibre-reinforced plastic composites.

9) ISO 14130:1997 Fibre- reinforced plastic composites -- Determination of apparent interlaminar shear strength by short beam method.

3 Important specification





load capacity






range of load

0.4% -- 100%FS(grade 0.5)/1% -- 100%FS(grade 1)


relative error of indicated value

between +/-0.5%(grade 0.5)/+/-1.0%(grade 1)


resolution of load

1/+/-300000F.S without change


range of deformation

0.2% -- 100%FS


range of force speed

0.005% -- 5%FS/S


precision of force speed

speed is less than 0.05%FS, between +/-1% of set value.

speed is more than 0.05%FS, between +/-0.5% of set value.


range of deformation speed

0.005 – 5%FS/s


precision of deformation speed

speed is less than 0.05%FS/s, between +/-1% of set value

speed is more than 0.05%FS/s, between +/-0.5% of set value.


range of displacement

0.001 – 600mm/min (customizable high speed test system 0.001 – 6000mm/min)


precision of displacement speed

between +/-0.2% of set value


range of constant force, deformation and displacement

0.5% -- 100%FS


precision of constant force, deformation and displacement

set value is more than 10%FS, between +/-0.5% of set value.

set value is less than 10%FS, between +/-1% of set value.


test span



stroke of transom

0 – 1500mm


large deformation/long operation extensometer

10 – 1000mm



220V+/-10%, 50Hz(reliable landing)





size of load frame







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