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Manhole Cover Compression Testing Machine product category

product name EN124 1250kN Man-hole Cover Compression Testing Machine
product specifications JAW-1250


  • Adopting brand PC to control high precision hydraulic servo valve to drive hydraulic cylinder to realize such operations: parameters setting, data acquisition, processing and analysis, display, results print, setting the loading speed arbitrarily, control of loading rate, hold time, cyclic loading, etc.
  • With automatic stop function when specimen breaks(among them,destructive test for HT materials; cyclic, deformation and destructive tests for QT materials).
  • Comply with European standard EN124.

Technical Specifications
1) Max. Test force 1250kN
2) Measuring range of test force: 1%-100%FS
3) precision of test force: better than 1%
4) adjusting range of test force speed:0.510kN/S

5) max. Piston stroke: more than 250mm
6) compression test space: 0350mm
7) size of upper loading nose 250x40mm
8) protection functionAutomatic stop when exceeding 2%-5% of max. test force 
9) it is automatic loading or un-loading by PC 12) the releasing speed of pressure: more than100kN/s
10)it can display loading ,automatic record peak value, adjusting the system error.
11)it can be measure displacement (loading from 0- Max ) precision 0.1mm 
16)it can be measure deflection from underside of table geometric center, range

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