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Torsion Testing Machine product category

product name Metal Bone Screws Torsion Testing Machine
product specifications NDS-0.5/1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200N.m

NDS-J Series, 0.5N.m -- 200N.m Digital Display Bone Screw Torsion Testing Machine


1 important function

1) Torsion test and research for torsion angle and force with metallic bone screw used in orthopaedic implants, absorbable bone screw.

2) Torsion force test and research with different screw thread orthopaedic implants(deep, shallow, whole, half, symmetry and dissymmetry screw thread), different code of screw thread, nominal diameter(HA/ HB/ HC/ HC1.5 - 8.0mm)

3) Torsion test an research with different usage orthopaedic implants(cortex bone screw, spongiosa bone screw, hollow bolt), different rotating type of orthopaedic implant(slotted, cross, inner hexagon, square slotted, inner triangle, quincunx), orthopaedic implant of different type of head(cone, ball, half round, square shape of head).

4) Torsion test and research with different material orthopaedic implant(metallic/stainless steel, absorbable bone screw, polyester copolymer, L-propyl ester resin, ethyl ester resin, lactic acid resin, rigidity polyurethane foam plastic, hydrolysis and degradation of polymers resin, copolymer)

5) Torsion test and research with orthopaedic implant, passive orthopaedic implant, orthopedics combined with orthopaedic implant.

6) Max.torque, Max. Torsion angle of breaking, torque, breaking position of bone screw, torsion yield strength of bone screw.

7) Test according to GB, GJB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, NF, EN, AS, NBR, GOST, CNS and other international standard.


2 standard

1) ISO 5832-1:2016 Implants for surgery -- Metallic materials -- Part 1: Wrought stainless steel.

2) ISO 5835 Implants for surgery -- Metal bone screws with hexagonal drive connection, spherical under-surface of head, asymmetrical thread -- Dimensions.

3) ISO 6475 Implant for surgery -- Metal bone screws with asymmetrical thread and spherical under surface -- Mechanical requirements and test methods.

4) ISO 9268 Implants for surgery -- Metal bone screws with conical under-surface of head -- Dimensions.

5) ISO 5833 Implants for surgery -- Acrylic resin cements

6) ASTM F543 - 17 Standard Specification and Test Methods for Metallic Medical Bone Screws

7) ASTM F116 Standard Specification for Medical Screwdriver Bits


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