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Torsion Testing Machine · product category

product name :Car Transmission Shaft Half Shalf Torsion Testing Machine
product specifications :NDW-A5000/A10000/A20000/A30000/A50000

NDW-A Transmission Shaft of Motor Vehicle Testing Machine


1 Function

1) Torsion, torsion fatigue, fatigue life test and research with variety of transmission shaft and half shaft of motor vehicle and haulage motor for torque, torsion angle, rigidity of angle and so on.

2) Transmission shaft of mini motor, light vehicle, middle-sized vehicle, heavy vehicle, mobile machinery shop(cross axial type rigidity cardan transmission shaft, flexibility cardan transmission shaft).

3) Transmission shaft of motor vehicle(oil tank truck, fuelling vehicle, watering cart, suction-type sewer scavenger, suction type truck, fier fighting truck, high-pressure sewer flushing vehicle, hydraulic aerial cage, garbage truck).

4) Half shaft of vehicle(fully floating type, 3/4 floating type, half floating type)


2 Main Test

 torsion test, low cycle circulation test, torsion fatigue test, fatigue life test.


3 Important characteristic

1) Loading frame adopt horizontal type with large span, high rigidity, high stability.

2) Variety of control mode: self kept loading, stress, strain control, cycling control and self editing program.

3) High precision of tranducer with wide linerity and well stability ensure precision of loading.

4) Mute type Servo motor driving system with high speed, low vibration, free maintaining.

5) Inner placed enthernet website joint.

6) Circuit board adopt photoelectronic insulation design with resistance to interference.

7) With variety of grip switched rapidly, optional torsion angle meter(resolution: 0.0001°).

8) Wide speed: 0° -- 720°/min set freely.

9) HRJ-test software with fully digital close loop, multiple channel and function, data base includes test method and standard. Test data is stroed, inquired and invoking.

9.1 Test procedure self control, fully close loop controling of torque, stress, deformation and torsion angle, whole key board inputing operation and intellgent control mode.

9.2 flexible Excel or Word reporting format include default and self-editing format with various type of output and sort.

9.3 reread completed test to simulate and reappear, data is reanalyzed, several curves is overlaid, compared and ergonomic.

9.4 test curve choose coordinate freely, curves is magnified and shrink freely, multiple curve is displayed at the same time, such as torque and time, torque and angle, angle and time curve. Setting necessary coordinate, adjusted in full scale.

9.5 modularization and open editing meet requirement of individual with hinting and guiding funtions.

9.6 auto return after test completed intellgent, rapidly and efficiently.

9.7 torque, torsion speed and torsion angle are auto tailed after, display, adjust and handled.

10 multiple protective function: over loading, current and voltage protective, safety protective of breaking, stopping protective at emergency.



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