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Electronic Universal Testing Machine product category

product name 100kN Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Floor Standing Model
product specifications WDW-100L

WDW-L Series Computer Control Electronic Universal Testing Machine(floor standing)

1 Important function
1) tensile, compression, bending, torsion, shearing testing and researching with variety of metal, nonmetal material and composite material under room temperature.
2) sample of thin plate, panel, belt, foil, flat bar, wire, bar, proximate matter, pipe, sheet, square, round, rectangle, and annular shaped, cast iron, nonmetal alloy of cast iron, pipe section, proportional and non-proportional(index: k= 11.3 or 5.65), fully wall thickness of longitudinal and horizontal peeling strip, rectangle and round section.
3)tensile, compression and bending test with variety of rubber, plastic, film and other nonmetal material
4)test with variety of metal, thin metal, wire, fine wire, fiber, elastomer, foam.
5) test with textile, food, medicine, cosmetic, biological material.
6)tensile, peeling and welding strength test with electronic component.
7)test with wooden, paper, film production and other nonmetal material.
8)Stressed relaxation test and bonding strength test.

2 Specification
1)Max. Loading: 5kN/10kN/20kN, 30kN/50kN/100kN
2)Grade: grade of 0.5/1
3)Measuring range of loading: between 0.4 -- 100%FS(grade of 0.5)/ 1--100%(grade of 1)
4)Relative error of indicating value: 0.5%(grade of 0.5)/1.0%(grade of 1)
5)Resolution od force: 1300000F.S(there is no change in full scale)
6)Measuring range of deformation: 0.2% -- 100%FS
7)Resolution of deformation: 1/300000F.S
8)Adjusting range of speed of force: 0.005% -- 5%FS/S
9)Control precision of speed of force:
If speed 0.05%FS, between 1% of setting value
If speed 0.05%FS, between 0.5% of setting value.
10)adjusting range of speed of deformation: 0.005 -- 5%FS/S
11)Control precision of speed of deformation:
If speed is 0.05%FS/S, between 1% of setting value
If speed is 0.05%FS/S, between 0.5% of setting value.
12)adjusting range of speed of displacement: 0.001 --600mm/min(customized 0.001 -- 600mm/min)
13)Control precision of speed of diaplacement: between 0.2% of setting value
14)Control range of constant force, deformation and displacement: 0.5% --100%FS
15)Control precision of constant force, deformation and displacement:
If setting value 10%FS, between 0.5% of setting value
If setting value is 10%FS, between 0.5% of setting value.
16)Measuring range of large deformation: 10 -- 1400mm
17)Effective test span: 535mm, 610mm
18)Moving stroke of cross beam: 1600mm, 1400mm

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