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Torsion Testing Machine · product category

product name :Wire Torsion Testing Machine
product specifications :NDW-XC5/6/10/12/14

 NDW-XC Series 5mm/6mm/10mm/12mm/14mm Wire Torsion Testing Machine

1 Important function

1) Wire simple torsion testing machine(wire is twisted for 360° along itselfs axial direction, it is defined one time of torsion, torsion for specific times or until wire breaking)

2) Wire reverse torsion test(wire is twisting for 360° along itselfs axial direction, it is defined as one time of torsion, twisting to opposite direction for the same times of cycle or wire breaking after twisting for specific times)

3) Simple and reverse torsion test and research with metallic wire, double strand metallic wire, composite material, bare wire, round cross sectional and special cross sectional conductor.

4) Simple and reverse torsion test with wire for plastic deformation property and defect of inner and surface.

5) Check shape and defect of breaking point(falt, ladder, diagonal, fanshaped, with crack, with sinkhole.)

6) Check crack lay of wire(constant crack and flash along torsion stripe)

7) Simple torsion with metallic, copper, aluminium and its alloy wire and composite material of diameter 1.0mm-14.0mm.

8) Reverse torsion testing with metallic, copper, aluminium and its alloy wire and special cross sectional conductor of diameter 1.0mm-10.0mm.


2 Standard

1) ISO7800: 2012(E) Metallic materials-Wire-Simple torsion test MOD

2) ISO9649: Metallic materials-Wire-Reverse torsion test MOD

3) ISO4101: Drawn steel wire for elevator ropes-Specifications MOD

3 Technical Specification 
Items                                            NDW-XC5        NDW-XC10         NDW-XC14
1  Wire diameter(mm)                 Φ3.0-5.0        Φ3.0-10.0          Φ10.0-14.0
2 Coaxiality of two collets (mm)     <Ф0.1          <Ф0.1               <Ф0.1
3 Straightness of sliding fixture(mm) <0.2            <0.2                <0.2
4 Max.distance between two chucks(mm)  500             500              350
5 Torsion speed(r/s )             0.25;0.5;1.0;1.5;2.0;3.0; 0.1;0.5;1.0
6 Counting resolution                   360°/r         360°/r          360°/r
7 Clamps hardness                      HRC55~65        HRC55~65        HRC55~65
8 Loading weights                             2% of nominal tensile strength
9 Working voltage                       220V/50Hz        220V/50Hz        220V/50Hz
10 Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)                      1500x600x950


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