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Wave Spring Elastic Tester

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→JB/T7590 Specification for steel undee spring used in electric machines
→JB/T13296-2017 Wave spring-Technical specifications
→JB/T11958-2014 Technical specification for rolling wave spring for mechanical seal
→HG/T2479 Specifications for wavy plate springs for mechanical seals
→2000N wave spring elastic test: place the wave spring between two parallel plates of the testing machine and gradually apply load so that the distance between the two parallel plates reaches the test height specified by the wave spring, and measure the elasticity at this time. Then continue to increase the load of the corrugated spring which is proved to be qualified in elasticity test, so that the distance between the two parallel plates can reach the nominal value of corrugated spring H /3, and keep the load for 24h. Release the load and do the elastic test again.The elasticity of the corrugated spring shall be no less than 90% of Fmin after the elastic test.

→D16 - D240mm wave spring elastic tester; 265mm - 300mm wave spring elastic testing machine; Wave spring elastic tester, 0.20mm-1.60mm; Rotating shaft seal spring tester; 10mm-120mm sealed spring load testing machine;10mm-180mm mechanical seal spring tester; Winding waveform spring pressure testing machine; WS wave spring load testing machine; WSS wave spring elastic tester


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