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Fibre Ropes Tensile Breaking Strength Testing Machine

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→Used to determine tension, breaking force, elongation, high breaking strength for ropes.
→Test length: 1m, 3m, 5m, 10m,15m, 20m, 25m 30m.
→The rope breaking strength test is the maximum load recorded (or reached) during the breaking test on the tension tester with uniform motion of the rope.

→The rope line density, rope twisting distance and braiding distance are the values measured by the rope under specific tension, which is called pre-tension. Rope elongation is the increase in the length of the rope from the pretension to 50% of the rated minimum breaking strength.
→4mm-20mm rope breaking strength test, 22mm-40mm pin column type rope tensile test, determination of physical properties of 44mm-96mm rope, determination of breaking strength of 104mm-160mm rope
Test Standards
→ISO2307 Ropes-Determination of certain physical and mechanical properties
→ISO1140 Ropes- polyamide
→ISO1141 Ropes-polyester
→ISO1181 Ropes-Manila hemp and sisal
→ISO1346 Ropes-polypropylene
→ISO1969 Ropes-polyethylene
→EN 1497 Rescue equipment-Rescue harnesses
→EN 1891 Personal protective equipment for the prevention of falls from a height- Low stretch kernmantel ropes


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