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Industry News · Home > Industry News > 300kN fiber plastic stress tensile testing machine

300kN fiber plastic stress tensile testing machine

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→Used in tensile test for fifber reinforced plastic, tensile strength, stress, tensile yield stress and break stress, elastic modulus tests for plastic, and plot stress-strain curve.

→300kN fiber tensile stress test, 100kN plastic tensile stress test, 30kN plastic tensile tester, 30kN plastic Poisson`s ratio, break elongation test, 200kN fiber reinforced plastic tensile test, GB/T1447, ISO527-4, GB/T1452-2018, I-type plastic stress tensile, II-type plastic stress tensile, III-type plastic stress tensile, 20kN plastic stress tensile test, 200kN stress tensile test for thermosetting sheet, 4mm plastic tensile test, 3mm plastic tensile test, 6mm plastic tensile test, tensile test for short cut strong plastics, Ⅲ type tensile strength, 12m/min high speed tensile test for plastics, 6m/min rubber andplastic high-speed tensile test, 18m/min high speed strain tensile test, 20m/min high speed stress tensile test, 25m/min high speed tensile impact test, 18m/min fiber high-speed tensile test.

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