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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Standard for Large Soft Pipe Accelerate Fatigue Test

Standard for Large Soft Pipe Accelerate Fatigue Test

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Standard for Large Soft Pipe Accelerate Fatigue Test


1) Large soft pipe accelerate fatigue test, it adopts 83.140.40, it regulates range of accelerate fatigue test, technology requirement, test method, requirement of test, theory of test, structure, symbol.

2) Tensile, bending, torsion test with large sofe pipe.

3) free tensile to 7.5% of rubber pipe, meet deformation of working and compression requirement.

4) twisting for specified times to test bending property of rubber pipe, in order to ensure bending of rubber pipe in pipe body.

5) Computer auto editing procedure for tensile, bending, torsion test at average speed.


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