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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Carbon Fiber Pipe Mechanical Property Testing Machine

Carbon Fiber Pipe Mechanical Property Testing Machine

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Carbon Fiber Pipe Mechanical Property Testing Machine


1) Carbon fiber is also called carbon pipe, carbon fiber pipe, it contains more than 95% carbon content wiht high strength and high modulus, pre soaking carbon fiber in resin, and thermal solidity, winding, wrapping or squeezing, it is mainly applied in resin, metal, ceramic and composite based structure material, it is new material with excellent mechanical property, it is the most important high property engineering material.

2) Carbon fiber is divided into PAN polypropylene pan based carbon fiber, pitch based carbon fiber, adhesive based carbon fiber, phenolic aldehyde based carbon fiber according to raw material, and divided into filament, flock, chopped fiber according to condition.

3) Carbon fiber is devided into common type, high strength type, middle modular high strength type, high modular type and super high modular type carbon fiber according to mechanical property, strength of common type of carbon fiber is 1000Mpa, elasticity modular is 100Gp, high property carbon fiber is divded into high strength type and high modular type. Strength larger than 4000Mpa is super high strength type, elasticity is larger than 450Gp is super high modular type.



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