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1000N.m Metallic Plate Torsion Testing Machine

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1000N.m Metallic Plate Torsion Testing Machine

1) Test and research for torsion property with variety of metallic, nonmetallic, compounding material under room temperature.

2) Test and research with cylinder, tubular shaped, plate sample for torque of constant loading, torque, Max. Torque, torsion strength, yielding strength, upper yielding strength, lower yielding strength, specified non-proportional torsion strength, Max. Non-proportion strain of shearing, shearing modular and other property.

3) Test and research with metal torsion and fatigue, nonmetallic torsion and fatigue, compounding material torsion and fatigue, material lifetime of fatigue.

4) Test and research with layer between metal and metal, torsion of adhesive layer between metal and nonmetal, torsion of bolt, valve, tube, wrench, soft material, compounding material, wire and so on.

5) HRJ torsion testing machine: material torsion testing machine, metallic wire torsion testing machine, wire wrapping testing machine, transmission shaft and half shaft torsion testing machine, anchor bolt torsion testing machine, axial force of anchor bolt and anchoring mixing function testing system, bone screw torsion testing machine, spring torsion testing machine, knob switch torsion testing machine, self locking nut torsion testing machine, bolt/high strength bolt connection coupler torsion coefficient testing machine, soft material/ elastic material torsion testing machine, robot torsion testing machine, plate of nut, hard ware, pipe of valve torsion testing machine, communication cable joint box torsion and bending testing machine, cardan torsion fatigue testing machine, table model small force of torsion testing machine, big torque testing machine, bent axle of automobile torsion and fatigue testing machine, stainless kinfe and fork torsion testing machine, connector torsion testing machine, transmission of automobile torsion testing system, double position tapping torque testing machine

6) 5.5mm -- 20mm/30mm HRJ large diameter torsion testing machine

0.1mm -- 1/3mm high speed small wire torsion testing machine

1/3/5/6/10/14/20/30mm metallic wire torsion testing machine

1/3/5/6/10mm metallic wire torsion and wrapping testing machine

1/3/5/6/10mm metallic wire wrapping testing machine


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