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Industry News · Home > Industry News > 1000kN Concrete Lining Pipe Segment Bending Testing Machine

1000kN Concrete Lining Pipe Segment Bending Testing Machine

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1000kN Concrete Lining Pipe Segment Bending Testing Machine

1000kN  Shield Concrete Lining Pipe Segment Bending Testing Machine

l Test item of concrete pipe segment: strength of concrete, appearance of pipe segment, size of pipe segment, horizontal assembling of pipe segment, leakage of pipe segment, bending, uplifting of pipe segment.

l Engineering method of tunnel: undermining method, shield method, sunken tube method.

l Shield method engineering tunnel: assembling lager abundant of pipe segment, quality of pipe segment is relate to safety and maintaining to its lifetime.

l Shield method is connected step by step. Lining tunnel is connected with several segment,  last wedge shaped pipe segment lining to ring is called capping block, the two connected to it is called neighboring block, others are standard block.

l Shield tunnel pipe segment mainly adopt steel bar concrete pipe segment, usage rate is more than 90%, some engineer adopt fiber concrete pipe segment, steel pipe segment is used at joint point of shield tunnel and contacting aisle, cast iron pipe segment is not adopt in China.

l Shield tunnel pipe segment is usually round shape.

l If Steel pipe segment is only used outside of contact aisle, and other pipe segment is concrete pipe segment, and horizontal certificating of steel pipe segment is not limited by width of ring, and adopting to rings lining certification.

l Type of pipe segment mainly includes steel bar concrete pipe segement, fiber concrete pipe segment, steel fiber concrete pipe segment, steel pipe segment, cast iron pipe segment, compounding pipe segment and so on.

l Precast concrete lining pipe segment: pipe segment mainly made of steel bar and concrete, is suitable for traffic, road, railway, irrigation works, electricity, municipal administration.

l Pipe segment: main material is steel adopting steel structure.

l Tunnel type of lining to ring shape of pipe segment: straight way pipe segment Z, curve pipe segment Q, universal pipe segment is used both in straight way and curved way.

l Universal pipe segment T of curve way is divided into left curve pipe segment ZQ, right curve pipe segment YQ, upright curve pipe segment SQ.

l According to diameter of tunnel, number of pipe segment is 4 to 10 blocks.

l According to lining position in segment of pipe segment: concrete lining pipe segment is divided into: standard block B, neighbour connecting block L1 -- L2, close block F and so on.

l According to shape of cross section of tunnel, concrete lining pipe segment is divided into round shape Y, oval shape TY, rectangle shape J, double round SY and so on.

l Thickness of common concrete lining pipe segment: 300mm/ 350mm/ 500mm/ 600mm/ 650mm.

l Width of common concrete lining pipe segment: 1000mm/ 1200mm/ 1500mm/ 1800mm/ 2000mm.

l Inner diameter of common concrete lining pipe segment:3000mm/ 5400mm/ 5500mm/ 12000mm/ 13700mm.

l Diameter of lining ring of rail transit of tunnerl in city is usually 6m. diameter of intercity pathway and tunnel is 12m.

l Pathway of 6m is consist of 6 blocks of concrete pipe segment, which is called 3+2+1 mode, that is one ring of pipe segment is consists of 3 standard blocks, 2 neighbouring blocks, 1 close block.

l 12m tunnerl of intercity adopts 6+2+1 mode.


1000kN concrete lining pipe segment uplifting property test

Uplifting test with concrete pipe segment and steel pipe segment in tunnel , center lifting hoel of pre-buried loading component of precast concrete lining pipe segment, test whether pipe segment bear uplifting force or not, in order to evaluate uplifting resistance property.

Uplifting test method of lifting bolt.

Uplifting test device, diameter of hole of bearing steel plate is bigger than diameter 5mm of hanging hole, thickness of rubber block and bearing steel plate is not less than 10mm, gap between inner cambered surface and rubber block should be filled by fine sand to level.

Concrete pipe segment uplifting test adopt loading grade by grade, time of loading of every grade should not less than 5min, diaplacement of bolt of every grade should be recorded.

When uplifting load reach to designing load, keeping load for 30 min, diaplacement is measured every 5min, loading and diaplacement are recorded, and check crack of concrete pipe segment after test stop.

Uplifting property of concrete pipe segment is judged according to follow: last 3 placement by designed loading, difference of neighbouring displacement are all less than 0.01mm, uplifting property of pre-buried loading component is satisfied with requirement.

Aim of Uplifting test is to check lifting hole of pre-buried load component is satisfied with construction requirement, test loading reach to designing load, test sample is qualified, and breaking test is not necessary.




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