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Industry News · Home > Industry News > 1000kN Bending Testing Machine for Concrete duct piece

1000kN Bending Testing Machine for Concrete duct piece

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1000kN Bending Testing Machine for Concrete duct piece

1000kN Bending Testing Machine for Shied Segment

1) Mechnical property: being property for concrete duct piece, test for pulling out with concrete duct piece.

2) Bending test with concrete duct piece: bending load for concrete duct piece, analyse deformation, crack and transformation.

3) Put duct piece on bending testing machine: 20mm rubber blanket put on loading point, 1/3 of span, distributive girder for bending load, grade of loading, every loading time 5min, record displacement of every point of every grade, crack of duct piece after loading for 10min, real value of cracked concrete duct piece, loading to designed load after loading for 30min, record Max. Crack, unload.

4) Dertermination of bending property: loading to design load after loading for 30min, there is no breaking of breaking width is less than 0.2mm, duct piece is determined to be meet requirement.

5) Choose typical crack if there is too much crack in the bending test. For example, first crack, wider and longer crack and so on.

6) 1000kN concrete duct piece bending testing machine is suitable for testing and researching with concrete duct piece, fiber concete duct piece, steel duct piece for Max. Loading, breaking test force, deflection of deformation.

7) Pulling testing machine for duct piece: pulling test with shield tunnel duct piece, steel duct piece, precast load part of center hole of precast concrete lining duct piece, test duct piece under pulling force, pulling property of lifting hole.

8) Shield duct piece pulling test adopts lifting bolts pulling test.

9) Put concrete duct piece on bending test, grade of loading, constant loading time 5min for every grade, record displacment of loading value for every test point of bolts of every grade, loading to design load of pulling force, constant loading for 30min, measure displacement of bolt once for 5min, record pulling load and displacement of bolt, check crack of concrete duct piece.

10) Pulling property of concrete duct piece: measure displacement of last 3 under design load, differences of adjacent displacement is less than 0.01mm, it is determined to be meet requirement of designing.

11) Pulling test with concrete duct piece is maily used to test whether lifting hole of embeded force parts meeting requirement or not, test whether meet design loading or not, not test to break.

12) Leakage property of concrete duct piece, under steadily design compression for 2h, check whether there is no water on inner camber surface, and check leakage of jointing point, in order to determine resist leakage of duct piece.

13) Put concrete duct piece on test device, pressing grade by grade, 0.2MPaa constant compression for 5min, 0.4MPa constant compression for 5min, 0.6MPa constant compression for 30min, 0.8 MPa constant compression for 2h, check leaking point and depth of leaking.

14) Leakage of concrete duct piece, check whether there is leakage on inner camber, and leaking height of side surface less than 50mm after constant comprssion for 2h, in order to dertermine whether duct piece is certificated.

15) If there is breaking of seal ring, fixing bolt and deformation of steel board, test should be stopped.

16) Horizontal fixing bolt of concrete duct piece should be tightened from middle to two sides grade by grade.

17) Outer camber surface is equal devided into 3 checking area, there are flushing port and drain hole in every area.

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