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Industry News · Home > Industry News > 10N --1000N Miniature Biomechanics Testing System

10N --1000N Miniature Biomechanics Testing System

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10N --1000N Miniature Biomechanics Testing System

10N--1000N miniature horizontal tensile testing system

1) tensile, compression, cycling tensile and compression test with miniature material.

2) Test with textile, food, medicine, cosmetic, rubber, plastic, film, biomaterial.

3) Miniature test

4) Orthopaedic biomechanics

5) Biomechanics

6) Miniature cycling mechanical, mechanics of muscle, mechanics of skeleton, medical biomechanics.

7) Clinical medicine research, joint prosthesis changing, joint prosthesis biomechanics research, test before clinical, knee joint biomechnical research.

8) Tissue engineering research, sport medicine research, spine biomechanics, bone graft material research, bone tissue and regeneration research.

9) Ankle biomechanics, full knee joint prosthesis biomechanics, fix and union of bone ftracture biomechanics, cartilage and bone tissue engineering biomechanics.

10) Compression, tensile, bending and torsion are the mainly loading of body, regular biomechanics test method of orthopaedics department mainly includes tensile, compression, bending and torsion with stress and strain analyze and elastomer.

11) Tensile test is mainly used in tendon, ligament, soft tissue for mechanics property.

12) Compression test is mainly used for biomechanics and strength for loading bone and prosthesis, fixing effect of different fixing instrument after bone fracture.

13) Torsion test is mainly used for torsion property of bone, prosthesis and blood capillary.

14) 10N,20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 220N, 300N, 500N, 1000N Electronic horizontal tensile testing machine.

15) 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 220N, 300N Miniature type of horizontal tensile testing machine


17) Testing capacity of loading:10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 220N, 300N, 500N, 1000N.

18) Tensile and compression test speed: 0.0001--600mm/min(24in/min)

19) Adjustable tensile test stroke: 0--600mm

20) Precision of speed: ±0.2%

21) Resolution of position: 0.033μm

22) Control precision of position: ±0.2%

23) Precision of loading: ± 0.5% of indicating value(range: 0.2%--100%F.S)

24) Gathering frequency: 1000Hz(point set by youself between 10Hz--1000Hz)

25) Weight 25kg.

26) 0.001N.m --10N.m blood capillary torsion testing machine.

27) 5N.m, 10N.m, 20N.m, 50N.m, 100N.m digital display bone screw torsion testing machine

28) 0.5N.m, 1N.m, 2N.m, 5N.m, 10N.m, 20N.m computer control bone screw torsion testing machine

29) 50N.m, 100N.m computer control bone screw torsion testin machine.

30) 50kN, 100kN, 200kN, 300kN orthopaedic testing machine


15 series production of Heng Rui Jin testing machine

1) Electronic universal testing machine

2) Torsion testing machine

3) Spring testing machine

4) High speed testing system,low speed testing system

5) Jack certification system

6) Hydraulic compressin testing machine

7) Relaxation testing machine

8) Standard machine

9) Horizontal tensile testing machine

10) Hydraulic universal testing machine

11) Wood panel testing machine

12) Bending testing machine

13) Dynamic testing machine

14) Special testing machine

15) Special custom testing machine



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