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Minitype Mechanics Testing Machine

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Minitype Mechanics Testing Machine


1)     Test capacity: 10N, 20N, 50N, 100N, 200N, 220N, 300N, 500N, 1000N.

2)     Tensile and compression speed: .0001—600mm/min(24 in/min)

3)     Adjustable tensile test stroke: 0 –600mm

4)     Precision of speed: ±0.2%.

5)     Resolution of position: 0.033μm

6)     Precision of posion control: ±0.2%.

7)     Precision of test loading: ±0.5% of indicating value(range: 0.2%--100%F.s)

8)     test gathering frequency: 1000Hz(10Hz—1000Hz self-set point )

9)     Weight: 25kg


1)     0.001N.m—10N.m blood capillary torsion testing machine

2)     5N.m/10N.m/20N.m/50N.m/100N.m liquid crystal diaplay bone screw torsion testing machine (table top).

3)     50N.m /100N.m computer controlled bone screw torsion testing machine(table top)

4)     50KN/100KN computer controlled bone screw torsion testing machine

5)     50KN/100KN/200KN/300KN bone screw orthopaedics testing machine

6)     50KN/100KN/200KN/300KN metallic bone plate testing machine



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