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Industry News · Home > Industry News > WDW-MJ300, 300KN, gate-type steel tube scaffolding testing machine, initiating of civil

WDW-MJ300, 300KN, gate-type steel tube scaffolding testing machine, initiating of civil

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WDW-MJ300, 300KN, gate-type steel tube scaffolding testing machine, initiating of civil.

1. JG13-1999 Tubular steel frame scaffolding
2. JGJ128-2010 technical code for safety of frame scaffolding with steel tubules in construction
3. Welded steel pipes for low pressure liquid delivery (ISO 559:1991,NEQ)

Introduction of scaffolding:
1. Gate-type scaffolding is used in building, it is one of widely used scaffolding, it is also entiled eagle frame and dragon portal frame.
2. It is consist of gate-type frame, cross supporting, connecting bar, hanging button type scafflod floor, horizontal plate, locking arm and so on, setting up with horizontal reinforce pole, shear supporting, sweeping pole, sealing pole, supporting seating and bottom seating, adopting connecting with wall unit, which is used to connecting with building body, it is standardized steel tube scaffolding.
3. Gate-type steel tube scaffolding is used as outer scaffolding, inner scaffolding, fulling hall scaffolding.
4. Width of No. 1219 gate type frame of international is 1200mm, height is 1900mm. Width of foreign scaffolding company are 900mm, 914mm, 1200mm, 1219mm.

Using area
1. It is used in inter roof supporting of template for building, hall, bridge, viaduct, tunnel, and supporting main frame of airplane model.
2. It is used in inner and outer aligned- grid scaffolding of building.
3. It is used in movable working platform for electromechanical installing, repairation of ship and other decoration project.
4. Gate-type frame scaffolding set with simple room truss to construct temporary dormitory, storage, and working shed of building site.
5. It is used to set up temporary watching flat and grandstand.


300KN gate-type steel tube scaffold testing machine,

Testing items and content:
1. Gate frame testing(compressing testing machine for upright pole, vertical bending testing machine for cross bar, lockpin testing for gate frame )
2. Testing for horizontal frame and scaffold floor: (bending and vertical bending testing, agraffe testing, peeling testing for baffle )

Compressing testing for cross supporting
1. Tensile testing for connecting bar
2. Tensile strength and elongation and deformation testing for lock arm
3. Connecting wall pole testing (tensile testing for connecting wall pole, compressing testing for connecting wall pole)
4. Compressing testing for adjustable supporting seating.


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