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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Outline of State Council for Practice of Quality Development, Planing for Activity and Main Point of 2015

Outline of State Council for Practice of Quality Development, Planing for Activity and Main Point of 2015

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Outline of State Council for Practice of Quality Development, Planing for Activity and Main Point of 2015


1 cleaning up administration examining and approving item


2 advancing skill of worker


3 promoting quality and technology innovation

Increasing supporting and guiding for quality and technology of enterprise. Perfecting policy of interest subsidy for technology reformation and so on, supporting enterprise to adopt new technology, arts and crafts, equipment, material. Strengthening protection to intellectual property of quality and technology innovation, increasing attacking to tort and counterfeit of quality and technology.


4 encouraging enterprise to adopt advanced management and standard.

QC group, little five(small advice, innoviation, tackling key problem, gizmo, and creation), training, competition and other public activity.


5 insisting on advancing brand establishment according improving quality.

Making international standard for brand evaluation, establishing both accepted international evaluation system for brand.


6 pushing and carried out mainly responsibilty of quality and safety.

Totally practising written form promising system, permanent scutcheon system, information recording system for lifelong responsibility of quality of project.


7 strengthening risk judgement and defending for quality and safety.

Strengthening agricultural products, food and medicine, food relative product, consumable product, food for school, risk from epidemic disease of baleful plant and animal, ebola virus from external, bird flu virus. risk defending and checking sysstem for quality and safety of electronic bisness product.


8 strengthening quality and safety supervising of important area.

Special repairation and composite management for special equipment, elevator, high-speed rail, important irrigation works, grain, circulating area product.


9 attacking illegal action of quality and safety according law.


10 advancing integrity system establishment of quality.

Perfecting self-announcement system for quality of industry product, pushing self-announcement specification for immportant product of some guild. Credit information to be public, classified, blacklist of break faith of quality, credit of quality for electronic bisness.


11 improving atmosphere and envionmental quality


12 carrying out improving quality deeply


13 structure together management system for quality.


14 strengthening examining of quality for local government.


15 exerting supervising of public voice of news media


16 exerting strength of quality as base.

Pushing standard name list of Chinese equipment, and internationalization of Chinese standard. Researching and establishing new generationof calibration standard.


17 strengthening education of quality and establishment of culture.


18 perfecting law system of quality.

Quality advancing law, consumable safety law, legislation researching for nutritional of student and food law. Revising of agricultural product quality safety law, medicine management law, standardization law, calibration law, animal epidemic prevention law, byelaw of food safety law, byelaw of pesticide management, byelaw of pig butcher management, byelaw of institution code management, responsibility byelaw of industrial product quality, supervising byelaw of special equipment safety.



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