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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Ring stiffness and Ring Fexibility Testing Machine for Tubing

Ring stiffness and Ring Fexibility Testing Machine for Tubing

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20KN, 30KN, 50KN, 100KN Ring stiffness and Ring Fexibility Testing Machine for Tubing


Main function:

It is used in testing and researching of ring stiffness, ring flexibility, pressing flat, creeping ratio, flexure and other mechanics property for tubing of diameter is equal or less than 3000mm, variety of metal, nonmetal, composite material, unusual shape of tubing. Addding tensile attaching clampers to complish tensile testing.


Satisfied Standards: GB,ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, EN.



  • Precise ball screw withno gap, four column loading frame with high stiffness and high steadiness.
  • Controlling mode: auto-keeping loading, loading and deformation controlling, circling controlling, self-editing program controlling and variety of controlling mode.
  • High presion sensor, wide linearity, fine steadiness, which guarantee precision of loading.
  • High speed, low vibrating, withno maintenance, mute AC servo motor driving system.
  • Deformation testing system for internal diameter: accurate testing deformation of internal diameter of tubing.
  • Wide range of testing speed, completing tensile, pressing, bending testing for variety of material.


1)   GB/T 9647- Thermoplastics pipes — determination of ring stiffness

2)   GB/T18477 - Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride(PVC-U) double wall corrugated pipes for underground soil, waste and drainage

3)   GB/T 21238 - glass fiber reinforced plastics mortar pipes

4)   GB/T18998.2 chlorinated polyvinyl chloride used in industry (PVC-C) part 2 of pipe system: tubing

5)   GB/T18042 - Thermoplastics pipes – testing method of creep ratio

6)   CJ/T 270 Steel reinforced spirally wound Polyethylene (PE) drainage pipe

7)   CJ/T 120 coating plastic steel pipe for water supply

8)   JT/T 529- Plastic bellows for bridge prestressed concrete

9)   Metallic materials — determination of bending mechanical properties.




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