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Industry News · Home > Industry News > FLJ-G Examing Device of Reaction Frame for Jack

FLJ-G Examing Device of Reaction Frame for Jack

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Specification of production: 300T, 500T, 650T, 1000T, 1200T, 1500T, 2000T reaction frame for jack.


Function of production:

1.   It is mainly used in examing for electric separation type of hydraulic pressure jack, thin hydraulic pressure jack, through type, large-tonnage, large stroke, standard type, non-standard type and variety of specification of jack.

2.   Resisting compression testing and researching for cement, concrete, mortar, constructional element, rock, tubular pile, building materials and so on.

3.   Resisting compression, rupture, shearing testing and researching for variety of metal and non-metal and composite materials.

4.   Flattening and flaring testing for variety of tube.

Standards according to:

JJG621-2012 certificating regulation for hydraulic jacks


Main characteristic:

1.   Four column structure, with high stiffness and steadiness

2.   Upper beam and base seating: high strength and precision casting steel, guaranteeing parallelism, stiffness of entire machine and steadiness for long time using after machining treatment.

3.   Four column: No.45 high quality of carbon steel, hardening and tempering after rough finished, and fine machining to molding.

4.   Supporting frame of sensor, with superposition formula type of concave structure, inorder to place several sensor with different specification and diameter, which protect safety of sensor and human being.

5.   Adjustable hanging ring, with manual, large distance, spanner locking operation. adjusting fixing space of sensor rapidly, in order to place sensor of different specification and size, with saving time and labour, safety and high efficiency.

6.   Light –weight, positioning combination heel, which is legerity, convenient, and safety.

7.   Base seating is marked with round and cross schematic line, in order to position jack in the middle conveniently.

8.   Combined type of special loading pressure plate, with interchangeablity, long life, permanently.




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