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Structuring Harmounious Labour Relationship

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Structuring harmounious labour relationship, pushing development of science, advancing harmony of society, strengthening and creating management of society, guaranteeing and improving livehood of the people’s, improving development of enterprise, protecting right of staff, managing relationship between reformation and development.

-- Insisting on taking people as root

-- insisting on structuring according to law

-- insisting on structurin and enjoying together

-- insisting on reformation and creation


Improving coordinating system for relationship of labour

Practising labour agreement system overall, carrying out team consulting and team agreement system, improving and coordinating relationship system, improving democracy magaging system of enterprise, advancing public and regulation system of factory affair, improving supervising and guaranteeing system of relationship, carrying out staff to be director and supervisor system, advancing reseau and network managing of relationship of protection and supervise, improving mediating and arbitrating system for relationship of arguement, improving preventing and emergancy handling system for groupment event of labour relationship, supervising and directing enterprise practise main responsibility, and correctly deal with groupment event in time, improving education and humanistic concern of staff, manager of enterprise should take responsibility of society positively.


Improving development envioronment of enterprise

Strengthen and improve managing service of government, reducing and regulating interfering enterprise administrative examining and approving, advaning examing and approving efficiency. Increasing policy supporting to medium-sized and small enterprise, reducing burden of enterprise. Strengthen technology supporting, guidingd transformation of enterprise, progress of science, creation of management, improving competitive power continuously.

Improving labour law, labour agreement law, mediating and arbitrating law of labour arguement, society insurance law, occupational disease prevention and cure law, and coupled law, regulation, and policy. Improving basic labour standard, group consulting and agreement, salary of enterprise, labour guaranteeing and supervising, democracy managing of enterprise, coordinating tripartite system of  labour relationship and so on.


Strengthening leading of organization, planning and coordination, all level of Party committee should be centralize overall stiuation, hold direction, integrate force of party and government, force of mass group, force of enterprise, force of society, exert supervising of the National People’s Congress and the Chiness People’s Political Consulative Conference.

Strengthening labour relationship of all level government, constructing of protection of labour, suprevising institution, arbitrating committee of labour arguement, arbitration court.

Strengthening constructing of Party organization of enterprise, basic level of labour union, delegate oragnization of enterprise.


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View of CPC central committee and state council about constructing harmonious labour relationship (Mar. 21st 2015)



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