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Aircraft Jack Calibration Device Compression-testing Machine

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(HRJ-Test machine)

AJ-CT-300, AJ-CT500, AJ-CT1000, (300KN, 500KN, 1000KN, / 67500bf, 112000bf, 250000bf)


Function of production


  • It is used to test and research  jack of aerospace, ship, axletree, brandrith, wing, mop(mordent, airbus, Bombardier, large aircraft of China, commerical aircraft, fighter aeroplane, annihilating aeroplane) of airplane, lifting platform, superposition combining type and special type.


  • It is suitable for manufacture, application and repairation for navy, air force, aviation of land army, avigation, civil aviation and air vehicle.


According standard:

  • GB/T21635 – 2008 airplane – jacks clearance dimensions


  • ISO 1464:1985 avigation, alxetree brandrith type of jack, clearance dimension


  • Assisting device for ground service of air craft, special requirement, 19th part: jack of plane, alxetree brandrith and hydraulic tail boom(including amendment  A1-2009)


  • English edition DIN EN 12312 –19 – 2009


  • JJG621 – 2012 calibration regulation for hydraulic jack





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