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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Double-way Torsion Testing Machine for Spanner

Double-way Torsion Testing Machine for Spanner

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NDW – G1000N.m, G2000N.m, G3000N.m, G5000N.m, double-way torsion testing machine for spanner.


 It is used to test and research torsion performance of torque, torsional angle, angular stiffness for spanner, metal materials, composite materials, adhesive layer, bolt, soft material, silk materials.


Applying to materials:

it is suitable for the following lever: single head spanner, double end spanner, quincuncial spanner, double-purpose spanner, wrech, hook spanner, socket spanner, inner hexagon spanner, cross spanner, ratchet spanner, torque spanner, inner square spanner, manual cluth torque wrech, bulldog wrech, T type spanner, L type spanner, Y type wrech, crescent spanner, drum spanner, wheel wrech, spark plug wrech, filter wrech, combination wrech, alarn wrech, pointer wrech, digital displaying wrech, pipe wrech and so on.


Standard for torsion testing of lever and socket spanner

  • GB/T3390.1-2004 manual socket wreches – socket (ISO 2725-1:1996 MOD)
  • GB/T3390.2-2004 hand operated socket wreches – driving square ISO 1174-1:1996,MOD)
  • GB/T5356-2008 hexagon socket screw key ISO 2396:2001,MOD)          
  • GB/T4440-2008 adjustable wrechesISO 6787:2001,MOD)
  • GB/T4393-2008 open-end wreches, box wreches and combintion wreches – technical specificationISO 1711-1:2007,NEQ)
  • GB/T15729-2008 hand torque tool – general requirements (ISO 6789:2003 MOD)




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