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Tensile and Compress Testing Machine for Spring

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TLS-S series 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N


  • Tensile and compress testing machine for spring, cantilever structure, exporting type, used to testing loading of tensile and compress, residul height of spring, tensile elongation of spring, deformation, free height of spring, stiffness. 


  • It is used for variety of helical spring, valve spring, suspension spring, diaphragn spring, shock-absorbing spring, hydraulic pressure spring, oil pump spring, discotic spring, high temperature spring, jump ring, draw spring, torsional spring, pul-out piece spring, scroll spring, specific spring, cylinder, cone elastic cell.


  • Precise ball screw without gap, stiffness, high-stesdily cantilever frame of three column, dimension of frame is customizable between 0.2mm/min and 500mm/min, higher speed is customizable between 0.001mm/min and 1500mm/min.


  • It is able to be extended to gate-type structure with microcomputer controlling.


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        Multiple specification and model testisng machine for spring to be choosen.



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