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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Air Spring (Stand Bar, Gas Support, Angle Adjuster, Air Spring, Damper ) Testing Machine

Air Spring (Stand Bar, Gas Support, Angle Adjuster, Air Spring, Damper ) Testing Machine

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Air Spring (Stand Bar, Gas Support, Angle Adjuster, Air Spring, Damper ) Testing Machine



  • Opening force, starting force, specification force, stretching force, (maximum / minimum), pressing force(maximum/minimum), nominal force(a/b), dynamic friction, ratio of elasticity, locking stiffness and elasticity, locking force, point of collecting force, circling, speed of stretching, time of stretching, stroke, lifetime testing at nomal temperature, tensile strength testing, specified loading testing and so on.
  • GB/T 25750-2010 lockable gas spring technical specification is suitable for angle adjustable, lockable gas spring with taking nitrogen or other inactive gas as keeping and working medium, excepting seat lifting lockable air spring and other mode of lockable gas spring.
  •  QC/T 207- universal gas spring used in automobile
  • GB/T25750- technical specification of lockable gas spring
  • GB 25751- technical specification of pressing gas spring

Spring testing machine of Heng Rui Jin 


      TLW-Q series, 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N, 1000N, 2000N, 5000N

      computer control double station testing machine for gas spring


  • double station displaying separately, speedy testing synchroniaed, auto-resetting, auto-judging qualified or not, multiwindow displaying of data, displaying of temperature controlling, with alarm and pedalling switch.
  • precise ball screw with out gap, high stiffness and steadily cantilever frame of three column, dimension of frame is customizble.
  • loading is auto-kept, displacement, deformation(stroke), circulating controlling, selt-editing program and variety of controlling mode.
  • high precise ergograph, wide linerity and fine steadily, to guarantee precision of dynamometry.
  • high speed, low vibrating, without maintenance, mute alternating current servo motor driving system.
  • circuit board adopting optical isolation, with high anti-interference capability.
  • wide speed of testing, choosing any between 0.001mm/min and 500mm/min, (customizable high speed between 0.001mm/min and 1500mm/min)


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