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Industry News · Home > Industry News > Half Shaft Torsion Testing Machine for Transmisssion Shaft of Automobile

Half Shaft Torsion Testing Machine for Transmisssion Shaft of Automobile

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30000Nm, 40000Nm, 50000Nm half shaft torsion testing machine for transmisssion shaft of automobile

1)Used in transimission shaft of automobile and engine, testing and researching half shaft torque, torsional angle, revoling angle, angular stiffness, and other torsion performance.

2)Torque: ±3000N.m, ±4000N.m, ±5000N.m

3)Separation distanace: 200—2600mm

4)Diameter of transimission shaft: ≥Φ600mm

5)Resolution of torsional angle: 0.01°

6)Speed of torsion: 0.1°---180°/min (any setting)

Torsion testing machine for materials: auto-calculating shear modulus(G), the specified non-proportional torsion stress(τp ), upper yielding strength(τeH), lower yielding strength(τeL), antitorque strength(τm) and so on, assembling torsion meter, resolution of torsional angle: 0.0001°, made by Heng Rui Jin.

Testing torque, torsional angle, angular stiffness, cycling fatige, torsion iterative for bone screw, nut, anchor bolt, drill stem, transimission shaft, half shaft, bolt, special element, (hardware tool, bolt plate, valve, bar of robot ‘ arm,), variety of metal, nonmetal, composite material, product made of special materials.


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