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Coefficient of Torsion Testing Machine for Connection Pair of High Strength Bolt

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10000Nm, 20000Nm, 30000Nm coefficient of torsion testing machine for connection pair of high strength bolt

Measuring and testing Mechanical property of pre-loading, axial loading of fastening(F), yielding axial loading of fastening, yielding clamping loading, ultimate limited clamping loading, pledging loading, damaging loading, torque(T), ultimate limited torque of fastening, coefficient of torque(K), friction, friction of screw thread and friction of bearing surface, corner and torsion-tensile of fasterner for 12.9 grade, 10.9 grade, 9.8 grade, 8.8 grade bolt, nut, double-screw bolt, fasteners and connection pair.

Statisfied standard: metric system of international, Britan, America, Japan, German.

GB/T1231-- Specifications of high strength bolts with large hexagon head,large hexagon nuts,plain washers for steel structures

GB/T3632— connection pair of torsional shearing high-strength bolt for steel structures

DIN2510/5—standard of German(nut)

DIN2510/6—standard of German(long nut)

ASME/ASNIB18.2.2 standrd of America (nut)

ASTM.A320/A320M—American tesing and material learned society.( techanical requirement of material for alloy steel bolt used in low temperature)

ASTM A325-- American tesing and material learned society (σb≥827Mpa/724Mpa techanical requirement of heat treating structure steel bolt)

ASTM A354-- American tesing and material learned society(techanical requirement for quenching and tempering alloy steel bolt, bolt stud, and other screw thread fastener )


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NDS, NDW, EZ serie, torsion testing machine for wire material bolt


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