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Testing Machine for Geotextile and Geomaterial

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WDW-T series microsoft computer controlling testing machine for geomaterial

WDS-T series LCD testing machine for geomaterial

GB/T14800-2010 static bursting testing for geogrid(CBR method), ISO12236, 2006, IDT,

bursting testing is used to test geomaterial which aperture is less than or equal to 10mm by flat head bursting pole.

Speed of bursting pole is 50 plus-minus5mm/min, recording displacement when pre-loading is 20N.

According standards:

1) GB/T13763- Test Method for Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Geotextiles

2) GB/T 19470-2004 Geosythetic—Plastic geonet

3) JT/T520- Geosynthetics in the Highway Engineerings-synthetic Staple Fibers Needlepunched Nonwoven Geotextiles

4) GB/T17690- Geosynthetics--Plastic Woven Film Yarn Geotextile

5) GB/T 1040.1- Plastic—Determination of Tensile Properties Part 1: General Principles

6) JTJ239- Technical Code for Application of Geotextile for Port and Waterway Engineering

7) JC839.1- Glass Fibre Geogrid Used on Road Surface

8) GB/T17637- Geotextile and Relative Production, Tensile Creeping and Tensile Creeping Testing of Fracturing Capacity.

9) GB/T14800-2010 Geosynthetics—Static Puncture Test(CBR test), ISO12236: 2006, IDT

10) GB/T21825-2008 Glass Fibre Geogrid

11) GB/T15788-2005 Geotextile and Relative Production, Tensile Testing of Wide Strip

12) GB/T17689-2008 Geosynthetic, Plastic Geogrid

13) SL235-2012 Geosynthetic Testing Specification



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