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Industry News · Home > Industry News > GJB715.3A—2003 Vibrating Testing of Self-locking Bolt

GJB715.3A—2003 Vibrating Testing of Self-locking Bolt

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GJB715.3A—2003 vibrating testing of self-locking bolt

1 There should be no structure damaging, cracking, disrupting, loosing of locking unit, damaging of screw threat, disapearing of locking capacity. Permitting rotating angle of nut relative to bolt is equal or less than 360°.

If bolt is damaged, nut should not be judged not qualifed.

2 Relative standard

GJB3.1A—2003 universal requirement of MJ nut

GJB3.2A –2003 MJ screw thread, ultimate limit of bolt and screw thread of nut.

HB8026—2002 TC16 Hexagon, self-locking thick nuts, in titanium alloy

HB8027—2002 TC16 Hexagon, self-locking thin nuts, in titanium alloy

HB8051—2002 Nuts,insert,self-locking,with MJ thread

GB/T3098.9—2002 Mechanical properties of fasteners prevailing torque type steel hexagon nuts.

ISO 2320:1997

3 HRJ—100KN testing machine for fastener broadwise vibrating: Heng Rui Jin testing machine limited company

3.1 This type of machine is used in friction type, bearing type, tensile type, torshear type, big six angle bolt. Testing and researching self-locking capacity (anti-loosing capacity) for connection pair of fastener and connection pair with prestressing.

3.2 Clamping loading 100KN.

3.3 Broadwise loading: 20KN, amplitude of broadwise is ±2mm, testing frequency is 1—15Hz., Bolt/nut: M3—M10mm




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