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Guidance Advices

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1. Mar 10th 2015, integrated guidance advices from certification organizations of national quality examing and testing system, (hereinafter referred to as guidance advices) definitely presented, more than 3500 organizationg of quanlity examing system is devided into public servicing and manageing type. It will be completed separating public service units from government, government regulation separating from management, transformating of enterprise.

Pushing forward changes form made in China to created in China, from speed of China to quanlity of China, from production of China to brand of China.

2. Public servicing type is held by government, funds is guaranteed and supplied by public economy, its aim is service for public.

3. Managing type deploys resource by market, it exists as independent business entity, manages on their own, adjusts accounts dependently, self-responsibles for profit.

4. Function of two types is different.

    4.1 Public servicing type: supplying techonology support for making policy and regulation and managing risk, supervising of government, great project of national economy and people’s livelihood, and other services which market mechanism is not able to supply.

    4.2 Managing type : supplying socialize and commercial service, undertaking purchase of government.

5. Five integrateing mode: interfere of administration, authorize of managing, splitting and merger, public platform, entirety strpyyed dwon.

6. 3 key tasks of quanlity examining system: integrating examining and quarantining organization of exit and entry, quanlity and technology supervising departments, and trans-department , trans- industry, trans-regional.

7. 6 integrating demonstration porject of quanlity examining system: integrating examining and testing organization of special equipment, also cetificating organization of examining and testing, transforming and strpyying down of examinig and testing organization, grouping development of examining and testing organization, city-wide integrating of examining and testing certificating organization, technology united ingtegrating of examining and testing certificating organization.

8. Asking every department of quality examining system: planning and coordination, breaking monopolizing of department, barrier of industry, opening market orderly, transforming supervise mode, motivating needs of market, increasing purchase and service of government, service and supply pluralism, pushing forward setting up external evaluation, restraining regulation, credibillity, and socialize credibility maintenance.



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